Meet the Gold Coast’s property power players – Michael Kollosche

IF ever there was a perfect time for Gold Coast property players to prove their power in the industry, the past year has been it.
The market had a slow start to the year with stricter lending criteria and a looming federal election creating uncertainty that brought listings and sales to a halt.But it gave real estate agents and property experts a chance to step up their game and stand out among the growing competition.

Michael Kollosche took that opportunity and ran with it.

Michael Kollosche

Michael Kollosche

He started the year with a small but fresh team and has built his self-titled agency into a mini-empire that is dominating the prestige market.

With a string of multimillion-dollar sales under his belt, many of which were penned within days or weeks of properties hitting the market, Mr Kollosche has cemented himself as a key player despite heading an independent agency.

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